ECU DIY Drivers

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We use some of the toughest drivers currently available in the market. These drivers have proven to be robust by the Spitronics brand over the last few years and come highly recommended by the R&D team
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Eezi4 ECU – DIY

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This concept in the DIY ECU market is not new but Eezi4 was put together to make it really easy for the Enthusiast and hobbyist. If you have the skills to solder and repair electronics on a low level then this DIY is for you. This opportunity may also let you become a business man by selling built up units in your town.
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Eezi4 Map Sensors

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Eezi4 also gives you the option to connect an external map sensor which is sometimes found on engines. This will save you money as the MAP sensor is the single most expensive component in the PCB. Moreover Eezi4 can also provide external MAP sensors as some customers prefer not to make the vacuum pipe too long.
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The Win WIn Option


The Eezi4 Activation Portal is accessed through the Eezi4 website.

Activations for Eezi4 will be sold purchased with EeziCredits which can be loaded into the device using the Online Activation Portal.

A Login is required and after access is gained into the portal you are able to purchase EEZI Credits.

Each feature in the software will require a certain amount of credits. The more features you select, the more credits are required making Hardware Class a more dynamic feature. This means you can start with minimum credits and work your way to an advanced system.

Once you have selected which class and features you are wanting, you will then allocate Credits to the selection to activate the selected software and features.

As a Dealer you may choose to allocate funds to your EeziCredits account and use this credit for product activations during the course of the month. There will be a history logged into your portal account and you may login and view this history and credit amount at any time.

Please be aware that any funds that are converted into EeziCredits will not be able to be refunded or converted back to any currencies.

EeziCredits will be sold at a constant rate per credit which will help you determine activation prices easily.

Assemble your own and SAVE !

The Eezi4 product is sold in 2 phases.

1 – The Hardware, and 2 – Product Activation.

You can purchase only the hardware components you need for your application and then build it, or you may choose to add components later converting it into a more Advanced system and want to add other features.

You can also purchase the minimum EeziCredits to start with and test the system out. Then purchasing more credits for Advanced features.

Both ways will save you on the risk of outlaying money for an expensive system. Why pay for things you don’t need?


EEZIDollars earned in the Eezi4 Forum or by other means are converted into EEZICredits with our conver tool 


We are planning automated activations this then allows activations to be done 24/7 and don’t have to wait for a dealer to assist you.

We plan to bring in a Credit Migration System. This allows you to migrate credits from one system to another so that if your hardware is damaged you won’t need to buy an entire new system.


Eezi4 is a DIY kit for hobbyists and car enthusiasts wanting to build up their own management, OR for Dealers who are wanting to create a business opportunity and resell the product after building up for their own customer base. You will have the option to combine different components for different applications, therefore only installing the required components for your specific application.

This board allows you the choice of high voltage coil drivers for basic coils or positive drivers for smart coils this feature will save on board size and therefore saves on costs.

Becoming a Eezi4 Dealer

  • Part of our Eezi4 product concept is the Eezi4 Dealer business model.
  • Eezi Rider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. retails the Eezi4 pre-completed hardware. This “build it yourself’ kit form product is a unique concept allowing Motor Enthusiasts & Business opportunists to take advantage of this unique prospect.
  • Whether you already have a walk-in shop / online store, or have had some field experience with electronics / mechanical projects working on your own Builds & Conversions, this concept offers the opportunity to start / grow or boost your own business.
  • No Dealer contracts or legal ties are required as all Dealers are third party entities.
  • The Eezi4 Dealer model allows you, the prospective third-party dealer, to benefit on the reduced manufacturing costs usually incurred by high labor rates and service costs. You will still have the benefit of supplying the industry a quality Management that offers dynamic performance and reliability as other more expensive managements on offer in the industry, but at a fraction of the price, making this product a competitive player in the aftermarket ECU & TCU game.
  • Eezi Rider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. as stated previously retails the Eezi4 product range only and relies on third party dealers to resell the a completed Eezi4 product and also offer to support and service to his client base.
Assemble your Own and SAVE!!!

Getting Started

  • By becoming familiar with the product you can learn more about engine & transmission management electronics.  To get started, begin with a basic system and work towards an advanced management system.
  • Once you have reached the level of expertise where you can confidently build up a completed Eezi4 product kit, you would be ready to call yourself an Eezi4 Dealer.
  • A Completed Eezi4 product kit means completing both the hardware phase, and then the EEZITUNE software activation with the application map loaded & only once a successful Q.C (Quality Control) simulator test has been recorded and uploaded onto the Eezi4 Activation Portal, can this be called a Completed Eezi4 Completed Management Unit.  
  • Eventually by building up completed product Kits and related products in the EEZi4 product range and reselling these products you will create your own reputable local customer base both on the street and online. Offering support and service to own client base and also getting involved in our online Forum where you are able to meet knowledgeable connections and help the Eezi4 community thus growing your reputation and turning contacts into clients. 

Benefits of the Eezi4 Forum as a Dealer…

  • The Eezi4 Forum platform is a global community of users and suppliers interacting, sharing knowledge and experience to form alliances and connections by supporting new clients, other users, regular buyers & Dealers.
  • A Rating & Rewards structure has been put in place for Forum Supporters & Mediators which works on a rating system.
  • This rating system enables Forum supporters to be rated based on their technical assistance, product & industry knowledge. Also the ability to offer resolutions to support queries by community members requesting support through the Forum. These ratings are displayed on your forum user profile and are visible to new potential clients in the Forum Community.
  • By boosting your ratings you become a reputable dealer and/or Forum Mediator and can begin to earn EEZI Dollars which converts into EEZI Credits.  What is EEZI Credits?
  • We have developed the Eezi4 Forum platform for both clients and Dealers to offer and receive technical support.  Dealers are encouraged to support not only their clients, but other Eezi4 Community members on the Forum to achieve higher ratings.
  • We reserve advertising space on our Forum and website for highly rated Dealers and Reputable Dealers.
  • Reputable dealers are Dealers who have established a client base and are activating a good gross total of Eezi4 Units through the Eezi4 Activation portal on a monthly basis.
  • Another benefit of using the Forum is a Dealer can offer support to his/her client base internationally through the Forum.
  • The basis of this ‘community assisted’ structure aids us in reducing costs incurred by in-house service technicians as a result helping to reduce the overall product pricing.
  • Video tutorials requests will be noted and may also be produced by both the Eezi4 community & the Team as well as technical literature can be supplied by the community and will also, if seen as useful and compiled decently  may be remunerated in some form and will be used prior to consent.
  • More advanced technical questions not answered in the Eezi4 documentation will be answered by the Eezi4 technical team and added to the documentation consistently.
  • We reserve the right to give preference too, remove or ban any reseller/ Dealer or to discontinue any advertisement of a Dealer on any of our platforms, including our website, as we see fit based on consistent negative ratings or feedback from the Eezi4 Community ratings or/ and reports, in the event of any slander / malicious play either on the Forum or in the field or to clients and/ or other Eezi4 Community members.
  •  The Forum conditions of use is stipulated in the Forum Rules and guidelines.

Rebranding options…

  • Eezi4 offers Rebrand opportunities, however once the product is rebranded the Dealer will not have access to the Eezi4 Online Forum Platform.

Eezi4 Guarantees and Risk

This is an electronic product and is sold as a DIY Kit and no workmanship can be guaranteed except the partially pre-built PCB. This board is tested by the manufacturer and a certificate will be provided on the Portal.

The Eezi4 products sold by Eezi Rider Engine Management (Pty) Ltd. do not carry any guarantees.

EeziRider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. referred to as the Retailer, and any other reseller of the Eezi4 products is referred to as Dealers. All Dealers are third party non-affiliated entities and therefore we take responsibility for any costs/ loss/ damage / death, to property and/or person using / buying or reselling the Eezi4 products and/ or using available platforms between the two parties.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more info.

We have however put in place a few features for our customers that could assist regarding risk.

A customer can purchase only the minimal credits required to start and test the unit. Once confident the customer may purchase more EEZIcredits for advancing features.

Activations can be migrated within 1 year in case of hardware failure. The board must still be able to connect to the device manager. Serials must be legit on the Portal.

A Customer may recover some of his components or use local components in case of hardware damages.

The Eezi4 Hardware has been designed with saving unnecessary costs in mind.

Eezi4 Forum Moderation Rules & Guidelines

This page includes rules and guidelines for community members who act as Moderators of the Eezi4 Technical Forum. For general guidelines on how to use the Forum please check our Eezi4 Forum Rules, Guidelines & Moderation Policy.

Table of Contents

  • What is the Role of a Moderator?
  • The contract you accept as the responsibilities as a Moderator
  • What to do when?
  • Editing inappropriate content
  • Locking or deleting threads
    • Locking threads
    • Deleting threads
  • Marking support forum posts as spam
  • Deactivating user accounts
  • Moving threads
  • Marking threads as “Solved”
  • People, usernames and your responsibility and safety online on this forum.
  • What should I do if….
  • Consequences Policy
    • Level 1 A Warning
    • Level 2 More Serious Warning from more than one person
    • Level 3 Deactivating a user, Banning or Temporary Ban
  • Pro-active healthy supporting
  • What should I do if I encounter a problem that is not covered by these guidelines?

What is the Role of a Moderator?

The purpose of the forum is for people to help each other in their use of the Eezi4 products. Guidelines for the entire community are in place to fulfil that purpose, and the job of moderators is to keep the forum operating for its intended purpose. All moderation action is to that end. The following are guidelines on what to do as a moderator.

Participants, misbehaving/making bad suggestions should also be reported to Admins, depending on how delicate/severe the situation is.

The contract you accept as the responsibilities as a Moderator

This is a contract between your use of the Eezi4 Forum and EeziRider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. As a community member or User, and a moderator, you have the role and responsibility to stay aware and be accountable for your contributions in this space. As a leader, you are representing Eezi4 and its community.

As an Eezi4 community member and forum moderator:

  1. I accept and promise to follow all the above guidelines.
  2. I agree to take action as specified by the Eezi4 Moderator Guidelines.
  3. I agree to abide by the documented tasks and actions required by my role as a Moderator to uphold the quality of the forum and the quality of its information.

People and Responsibility of My Interactions

  1. I agree to be aware of potential multiple cultural differences between the Eezi4 product users and my fellow community members.
  2. I accept that I will be contacted by moderators, community managers, and other Eezi4 product users from the private message feature.
  3. I understand that as a moderator that when I see or ask for Diversity and Inclusion to get involved that I will take no further action until the team reaches a conclusion of the consequences of a reported incident that violates any of the Guidelines.
  4. I also understand that I can request for a change in leadership if I recognize any toxic behaviors such as spam, continuous conflict, or a stop in participation.
  5. I understand that if there are any situations in which I am confided in that do not follow the Community Participation Guidelines I will report it and escalate it to the Eezi4 TEAM at  and inform an admin if action is not taken.

Responsible for myself I will remember to have a positive attitude:

  1. I will remember to check in with myself and recognize I need to take a break when I become frustrated or find myself in a heated debate.
  2. I understand that compassion is a trait I should display when communicating and collaborating with other community members and Eezi4 product users.
  3. I am an example and role model to other community users.
  4. I will remember to report any other toxic behaviour to an administrator and provide screenshots of conversations.
  5. I understand that I am held accountable for my posts and actions as I represent Eezi4 in the support forum. This means, but is not limited to showing respect for diverse cultures, remembering my impact with my moderator permissions, remain positive when giving constructive feedback in a professional way, and remaining respectful, but direct in my messages.
  6. I will remember to give positive recognition to new contributors for what they know as well as what they do in the forum.

I understand my role is subject to change:

  1. I understand that moderators from different regions will have different interpretations of model behaviour, however I promise to have an open mind when escalating any behaviour that is out of the basic participation guidelines for all users.
  2. I understand that people in my moderator role are subject to change, and recognize that guidelines in this document can be discussed openly with other moderators active in their role.
  3. As a Moderator, I know that after a year my leadership role will be evaluated and may be subject to change if I have not contributed in over 3 months, I have exhibited or received any warnings against the community guidelines, or have had to devote my attention to other things, hence having less time for the responsibility of the Moderator role.

What to do when….

There two types of categorical tasks as a Moderator. The first has to do with the operations of the forum and processes that help prepare a smooth support experiences from an operational approach. The second requires an entry level of experience for people management.

Two explicit examples on how to tell the difference: 

Firstly – This is where you can go in, edit the content and guide the user on what should be there in a direct and professional way.

Secondly, when a user is just plain rude, when a user is affecting the safety of others on the forum and exhibits behaviour that distracts from the key use of the forum – to provide user support. For situations like this, if warnings and corrections are not working, please refer to the consequences policy, and make sure a thread is opened up in the Forum under Moderator’s headings.

Editing inappropriate content:

The following content is considered inappropriate:

  • foul language
  • person attacks
  • spam links
  • Sensitive information (personal info, phone numbers, etc.)
  •  Advertising / Self-promote in the forums
  • Offensive /derogatory / vulgar / sexist or racist posts, comments, links or images are strictly prohibited
  • Cross post questions
  • Bad mouthing or slander of the Eezi4 Brand or Industry Competitors

Posts with inappropriate content should be edited to remove such content. Moderators will post a new comment so that it goes out as an email, to explain that inappropriate content has been removed as per Eezi4 Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Locking or deleting threads:

Moderators can lock threads or remove them completely according to the following guidelines:

Locking threads

  • Questions that are not about subjects covered in the support forum as defined should be locked, after tagging the question as off-topic and adding a reply.
  • Duplicate threads should be locked after posting a reply with a link to the original thread.
  • Threads that have completely degenerated should be reported to moderator. It will be up to the moderator to decide whether to lock the thread or not.
  • If a solved thread is getting new replies from other users, moderators should lock the thread and post a new comment to explain that users with similar issues should post a new question.  
  • If an unsolved thread is getting new replies from other users seeking help, and the original poster hasn’t replied in the thread for some time, post a new comment and
    • Explain that users with similar issues should post a new question.
    • Ask the original poster (OP) if he has resolved the issue or if he still needs help.
    • DO NOT lock the thread, since the OP may still need help.

Moderators who lock a thread should always post a new comment so that it goes out in email, to explain that the thread has been closed to further replies, and why.

Deleting threads

  • In general, only spam posts in discussion forums should be deleted. Spam posts in the support forum should be marked as spam (see below).
  • Moderators should delete posts that are entirely personal attacks or profanity, and deactivate users for multiple such posts (or refer to admin if in doubt).
    • Moderators will post a new reply explaining that an inappropriate post has been deleted before removing the post/thread, so that it goes out as an email.
    • Moderators should also leave a record in the moderator’s forum that they removed a particular non-spam post (until a better solution is found).

Marking support forum posts as spam:

Moderators should use the Mark as spam button for support questions or replies in the support forum rather than deleting those posts. Posts marked as spam will no longer be viewable except by moderators, and do not appear in search results, and are not indexed by search engines. This effectively removes spam posts from the support forum.

Deactivating user accounts:

  • Moderators can deactivate accounts that are clearly used for spam purposes.
  • Moderators should first report to the Eezi4 TEAM prior to any account deactivating for reasons other than spam.

Moving threads:

If a thread has landed in the wrong Topic, moderators should move it to the appropriate Topic.  Moderators can move threads by following these steps:

  • Click on “Question Details” on the right hand side
  • Click on “Edit Details”
  • Select the right product or language
  • Click “Save Changes”

Marking threads as “Solved”:

Moderators can mark threads as solved when the original poster (OP) clearly indicates his problem is solved (such as “thank you, problem fixed now” or “ok, it looks like it worked” etc.).

  • We will not mark as solved threads which appear to be solved and probably are but where the OP did not make any comment.

People, usernames and your responsibility and safety online on this forum:

What should I do if…

In general this forum is not any different from a professional environment that the Eezi4 community upholds. It is any behavior that does not follow the Community Participation Guidelines.

Any behaviour that is considered toxic is anything disrespectful, disruptive and unprofessional.

Consequences Policy:

These are the consequences if users are not following these guidelines:

Level 1 A Warning

Moderators should send a message stating what rules have been broken or what behaviour is unacceptable or/ and guide them and issue a warning to users that are not following the guidelines

Level 2 More Serious Warning from more than one person

Moderators should report in the Forum under Moderators Topic and to Admins when deactivating any account for reasons other than spam.

Level 3 Deactivating a user, Banning or Temporary Ban

Deactivating a spammer can be done without admin approval, Admins have the final decision on open Moderator Threads.

Pro-active healthy supporting

Remain Active, proactive and healthy.

  • General adherence to the Spitronics Forum & Moderators policy.
  • Healthy, Sustained contribution (doing the work) for a period of time
  • Tolerance with boundaries when it comes to interacting with unpleasant users

However this requires a sense of level-headedness when dealing with unpleasant users.

What should I do if I encounter a problem that is not covered by these guidelines?

Moderators should report to the Eezi4 TEAM or Admins at  any other situation that is not currently covered in these guidelines. This also applies to “grey areas” or when a Moderator is in doubt whether a certain action should be taken.

Situations where users or fellow contributors are misbehaving/making bad suggestions should also be reported to Admin depending on how delicate/severe the situation is.

Assembled my own and Rebranded

Thank you Eezi4 and Eezirider for making it possible for the man on the ground to drive their own unique management systems…. it was so much easier than I antisipated.
Sunny Perks
CEO Auto Trends GP
Spitronics 6 IT RUNS

Assemble your own and SAVE !!

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Eezi4 ECU – DIY
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Eezi4 ECU – DIY

This concept in the DIY ECU market is not new but Eezi4 was put together to make it really easy for the Enthusiast and hobbyist. If you have the skills to solder and repair electronics on a low level then this DIY is for you. This opportunity may also let you become a business man by selling built up units in your town.


Our Passion is evident through our drive!