About Eezi4

Eezi4 is a DIY kit for Hobbyists /Car enthusiasts and Dealers wanting to build up their own ECU or TCU management. Aimed at this market this concept allows any of these groups to who have a know-how wanting to create a business opportunity to get involved and resell the completed product and build a customer base. Developed by the Spitronics Research & Development team the Eezi4 products gives you the opportunity to build and customize your own Management system specifically to your needed build application.

The hardware is sold in loose components for you to build up your unique kit. The P.C.B. (Printed Circuit Board) is sold semi-completed, all small components & microprocessors are pre-soldered as they are trickier to solder.

This concept allows us to implement a low cost manufacturing structure but still retaining the tried and tested developed practices of quality Management systems. The product is sold in 2 phrases, the hardware & software class activation. The activation is done online through a portal and can be done later.

Software Classes are broken up and features can be purchased individually, allowing you to only pay for what you need, but also this allows you to upgrade to more advanced features later on if desired. This enables you to only buy what you need on the board relative to your specific build application taking the risk out of buying an expensive management.

Do it Yourself

By becoming familiar with the product you can learn more about engine/ gearbox Management electronics which offers you the opportunity to save on your build costs by doing it yourself; or creating a local client base once mastering the process of building the Eezi4 kit & reselling as a Dealer. Find out more about becoming a dealer.

This product concept offers a few fresh solutions and unique advantages foremost been related to costs involved which Management Systems. Eezi4 proposes a different approach to a vastly growing DIY market of petrol head enthusiasts and savvy Tune-up shops wanting to take the wheel.