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  • Part of our Eezi4 product concept is the Eezi4 Dealer business model.
  • Eezi Rider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. retails the Eezi4 pre-completed hardware. This “build it yourself’ kit form product is a unique concept allowing Motor Enthusiasts & Business opportunists to take advantage of this unique prospect.
  • Whether you already have a walk-in shop / online store, or have had some field experience with electronics / mechanical projects working on your own Builds & Conversions, this concept offers the opportunity to start / grow or boost your own business.
  • No Dealer contracts or legal ties are required as all Dealers are third party entities.
  • The Eezi4 Dealer model allows you, the prospective third-party dealer, to benefit on the reduced manufacturing costs usually incurred by high labor rates and service costs. You will still have the benefit of supplying the industry a quality Management that offers dynamic performance and reliability as other more expensive managements on offer in the industry, but at a fraction of the price, making this product a competitive player in the aftermarket ECU & TCU game.
  • Eezi Rider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. as stated previously retails the Eezi4 product range only and relies on third party dealers to resell the a completed Eezi4 product and also offer to support and service to his client base.


  • By becoming familiar with the product you can learn more about engine & transmission management electronics. To get started, begin with a basic system and work towards an advanced management system.
  • Once you have reached the level of expertise where you can confidently build up a completed Eezi4 product kit, you would be ready to call yourself an Eezi4 Dealer.
  • A Completed Eezi4 product kit means completing both the hardware phase, and then the EEZITUNE software activation with the application map loaded & only once a successful Q.C. (Quality Control) simulator test has been recorded and uploaded onto the Eezi4 Activation Portal, can this be called a Completed Eezi4 Completed Management Unit.
  • Eventually by building up completed product Kits and related products in the EEZi4 product range and reselling these products you will create your own reputable local customer base both on the street and online. Offering support and service to own client base and also getting involved in our online Forum where you are able to meet knowledgeable connections and help the Eezi4 community thus growing your reputation and turning contacts into clients.

Benefits of the Eezi4 Forum as a Dealer….

  • The Eezi4 Forum platform is a global community of users and suppliers interacting, sharing knowledge and experience to form alliances and connections by supporting new clients, other users, regular buyers & Dealers.
  • A Rating & Rewards structure has been put in place for Forum Supporters & Mediators which works on a rating system.
  • This rating system enables Forum supporters to be rated based on their technical assistance, product & industry knowledge. Further advanced ratings are added to successful resolutions to support queries by community members requesting support through the Forum. These ratings are displayed on your forum user profile and are visible to new potential clients in the Forum Community.
  • By boosting your ratings you become a reputable dealer and/or Forum Mediator and can begin to earn EEZI Dollars which converts into EEZI Credits. What is EEZI Credits?
  • We have developed the Eezi4 Forum platform for both clients and Dealers to offer and receive technical support. Dealers are encouraged to support not only their clients, but other Eezi4 Community members on the Forum to achieve higher ratings.
  • We reserve advertising space on our Forum and website for highly rated Dealers and Reputable Dealers.
  • Reputable dealers are Dealers who have established a client base and are activating a good gross total of Eezi4 Units through the Eezi4 Activation portal on a monthly basis.
  • Another benefit of using the Forum is a Dealer can offer support to his/her client base internationally through the Forum.
  • The basis of this ‘community assisted’ structure aids us in reducing costs incurred by in-house service technicians as a result helping to reduce the overall product pricing.
  • Video tutorials requests will be noted and may also be produced by both the Eezi4 community & the Team as well as technical literature can be supplied by the community and will also, if seen as useful and compiled decently may be remunerated in some form and will be used prior to consent.
  • More advanced technical questions not answered in the Eezi4 documentation will be answered by the Eezi4 technical team and added to the documentation consistently.
  • We reserve the right to give preference too, remove or ban any Reseller/ Dealer or to discontinue any advertisement of a Dealer on any of our platforms, including our website, as we see fit based on consistent negative ratings or feedback from the Eezi4 Community ratings or/ and reports, in the event of any slander / malicious play either on the Forum or in the field or to clients and/ or other Eezi4 Community members.
  • The Forum conditions of use is stipulated in the downloadable Forum Rules and Guidelines.

Rebranding options…

  • Eezi4 offers Rebrand opportunities, however once the product is rebranded the Dealer will not have access to the Eezi4 Online Forum Platform.

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