The Eezi4 Activation Portal is accessed through the Eezi4 website.

Activations for Eezi4 will be sold purchased with EeziCredits which can be loaded into the device using the Online Activation Portal.

A Login is required and after access is gained into the portal you are able to purchase EEZI Credits. Each feature in the software will require a certain amount of credits. The more features you select, the more credits are required making Hardware Class a more dynamic feature. This means you can start with minimum credits and work your way to an advanced system.

Once you have selected which class and features you are wanting, you will then allocate Credits to the selection to activate the selected software and features. As a Dealer you may choose to allocate funds to your EeziCredits account and use this credit for product activations during the course of the month. There will be a history logged into your portal account and you may login and view this history and credit amount at any time.
Please be aware that any funds that are converted into EeziCredits will not be able to be refunded or converted back to any currencies.

EeziCredits will be sold at a constant rate per credit which will help you determine activation prices easily.

The Eezi4 product is sold in 2 phases.

The Hardware, and Product Activation.
You can purchase only the hardware components you need for your application and then build it, or you may choose to add components later converting it into a more Advanced system and want to add other features.
You can also purchase the minimum EeziCredits to start with and test the system out. Then purchasing more credits for Advanced features.

Both ways will save you on the risk of outlaying money for an expensive system. Why pay for things you don’t need?


EEZIDollars earned in the Eezi4 Forum or by other means are converted into EEZICredits with our conver tool.


We are planning automated activations this then allows activations to be done 24/7 and don’t have
to wait for a dealer to assist you.

We plan to bring in a Credit Migration System. This allows you to migrate credits from one system
to another so that if your hardware is damaged you won’t need to buy an entire new system.