Assemble your Own and SAVE !!

Eezi4 DIY Drivers

We use some of the toughest drivers currently available in the market. These drivers have proven to be robust by the Spitronics brand over the last few years and come highly recommended by the R&D team. It is the popular TO220 package that can be replaced easily. This driver also offers excellent cooling options when combined using the aluminum back plates available in our Eezi4 Enclosure product range.

Coils Drivers are spec’d up to 550V meaning high performance spark for Racing Engines. We also offer cheaper driver options where High Voltage is not so critical like for injectors etc. ‘You’ make the selection from the overview of each component.

From the picture you can see how the Connectors, 6x Drivers, 2x Voltage regulators and earth strap are soldered. View the assembly manuals and videos on the website on how to do it yourself properly.

6x Drivers, Connectors & 2x Voltage regulators

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