Assemble your Own and SAVE!!

Eezi4 ECU – DIY

This concept in the DIY ECU market is not new but Eezi4 was put together to make it really easy for the Enthusiast and hobbyist. If you have the skills to solder and repair electronics on a low level then this DIY is for you. This opportunity may also let you become a business man by selling built up units in your town.

Eezi4 offers the best technology proven by Spitronics Systems over the years. We
add this all up in a very small package and is ideal for 4 Cylinder engines with all
kinds of racing features included like Turbo Engines, Dual Maps and Launch
to name but a few.

All the difficult components are machine soldered so no need to worry that it would be out of your league. We left you the easy ones that may or may not be required for all applications. So you only need to solder the drivers that will be used on your applications. No need to pay for a lot of components that is not needed in your applications requirements.

The attached picture of the kit shows all the basic components that can be used.
Some are compulsory, others may be left un-soldered. As you can from see from the example building-up your own Eezi4 hardware isn’t that complicated. Follow the instruction manuals and videos available to teach you the ins and outs of this DIY build. Use the Eezi4 Forum to get support and connect in our Community.


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