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Eezi4 Map Sensor

Eezi4 has been developed to allow for options. One such option is that the Map sensor can be soldered onto the PCB board to save on extra costs on hardware such as the MAP sensor enclosure/ copper wires connecting it to the ECU and obviously labour compiling such products.

Eezi4 also gives you the option to connect an external map sensor which is sometimes found on engines. This will save you money as the MAP sensor is the single most expensive component in the PCB. Moreover Eezi4 can also provide external MAP sensors as some customers prefer not to make the vacuum pipe too long.

The internal or external MAP sensor can be used as altitude compensation where economy & performance are essential. Both sensors could be used in the same build.

We offer 1.1 Bar, 3 Bar and 4 Bar selection. 3 Bar is the popular choice and is preferred if you are wanting to supply a complete Eezi4 ECU product over the counter. In this picture you can see the MAP sensor, LED’s and jumpers soldered on. Note the silicone pipe which connects the sensor to the intake manifold.

Map Sensor – DIY
Map Sensor

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