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Eezi4 Product Enclosures

This ABS plastic packaging option is available in the EeziRider Blue/ red / black & yellow to house either your ECU / TCU / Stepper Idle Controller / External Coil Driver & USB Cable electronics. 

We have made use of the same products enclosure casing developed by Spitronics for this DIY ECU as it has proven to be durable and compact.

You can choose how you would like to present your completed built up product for either your own application or of that to your client as a dealer. These enclosures could also be resin filled for the more robust type of application thus sealing in the electronics protecting it from exposure to water dirt and dust in harsh environments.

The Eezi4 is very compact and uses very little space under dashboards or in engine bay on the firewall. Where ever you choose to install your electronic product, will look neat and professional. You can have fun and colour code it with your car. (Other various colours are optional, depending on demand.)

Enclosures come with different back plate options, either Plastic or Aluminium. Aluminium is more expensive but gives a sturdier feel to the product and provides better cooling if needed. Plastic makes it easy for resin filled units.

Standard Eezi4 Decals will be provided to promote the Eezi4 brand which provides any dealer selling the Eezi4 through our extensive marketing campaigns.

Rebranding options are available for dealers that would prefer to service their own client base through their own Branding and marketing networks.

Available Colours
Available in Blue, Red, Yellow and Black

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