The Eezi4 Forum is an interactive technical support platform for both clients and Dealers to offer and receive technical support.  In order to keep costs down we had to change the way we view support and have created a broader support system, no need to pay for costly service technicians. Rather, we have implemented the Eezi4 Forum Rating system.

This rating system enables Forum supporters & mediators to be rated based on their technical assistance, product & industry knowledge. And ultimately rated on their ability to offer resolutions to support queries by the Forum community members. These ratings are displayed on the forum user profile which is visible to the whole Forum Community and acts as an indicator of level of expertise to the forum community.

Dealers are encouraged to support not only their clients, but other Eezi4 Community members on the Forum to achieve higher ratings.

  • Technical support is done via our broad Eezi4 online Forum community.  Enthusiasts / Clients / Dealers / Eezi4 technicians will be actively offering technical assistance, sharing information and experiences.
  • The Eezi4 FORUM is global community based model and offers a 24/7 interactive assistance meaning help is mostly always available.
  • More advanced technical questions not answered in the Eezi4 documentation will be answered by the Eezi4 technical team and added to the documentation regularly. 
  • Technical manual links, drawings and videos are easily abled to be shared in the Forum for offering assistance. 
  • Video tutorial requests, if not available, will be noted and such material can be proposed to the Eezi4 community in lure of Eezi4 Credits for usable material.


  • The Eezi4 Technical manual is available on our website and is downloadable 
  • The Eezi4 Technical manual is also integrated into the software with an online database which will guide you to Helpful Information & Tips whilst using the software.
  • The product manual is also compiled of small dedicated sections that can be easily printed. 

We will eventually offer links to training videos of each section available to teach you how to achieve the best professional outcome. 


  • Eezi4 Simulator electronics is not a necessity for the individual, however using a Simulator is recommended for dealers to make the Fault Finding & Trouble Shooting for Dealers much easier.
  • The Simulator assists in the set-up the products for your customers’ applications.
  •  The Simulator is an essential for anyone wanting to become a competent dealer and a must for general training regarding Engine & Transmission management.
  • Eezi4 Simulator electronics is available through Eezi4 and is also sold in Kit form. 

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