Eezi4 Guarantee & Risk

This is an electronic product and is sold as a DIY Kit and no workmanship can be guaranteed except the partially pre-built PCB. This board is tested by the manufacturer and a certificate will be provided on the Portal.

The Eezi4 products, sold by Eezi Rider Engine Management (Pty) Ltd. do not carry any guarantees. Eezi Rider Engine Management (PTY) Ltd. referred to as the Retailer, and any other reseller of the Eezi4 products is referred to as Dealers. All Dealers are third party non-affiliated entities and therefore we take responsibility for any costs/ loss/ damage / death, to property and/or person using / buying or reselling the Eezi4 products and/ or using available platforms between the two parties.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more info.

We have however put in place a few features for our customers that could assist regarding risk. A customer can purchase only the minimal credits required to start and test the unit. Once confident the customer may purchase more EEZIcredits for advancing features.

Activations can be migrated within 1 year in case of hardware failure. The board must still be able to connect to the device manager. Serials must be legit on the Portal. A Customer may recover some of his components or use local components in case of hardware damages. The Eezi4 Hardware has been designed with saving unnecessary costs in mind.

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