Eezi4 is a DIY kit for hobbyists and car enthusiasts wanting to build up their own management, OR for Dealers who are wanting to create a business opportunity and resell the product after building up for their own customer base. You will have the option to combine different components for different applications, therefore only installing the required components for your specific application.

This board allows you the choice of high voltage coil drivers for basic coils or positive drivers for smart coils this feature will save on board size and therefore saves on costs.

Eezi4 DIY Assembly Kit
  • Connectors for field wiring and USB communication cable.
  • A Map sensor for manifold pressure or altitude sensor
  • Option Jumpers for ease of customer selections
  • Indication LED’s for certain functions
  • 5 Volt Regulators for board and sensor power
  • High Voltage or Positive coil, injector and GP drivers
  • Earth fly lead with ring lug



Eezi4 has various neat enclosures options for packaging your Management Unit making your look professional. We offer selected product decals for each type of firmware to identify products from each other. This will be ECU, TCU or TxW (Throttle by Wire) etc.
Enclosures are sold in separate components i.e.: ABS Plastic & Aluminium back plates. The Aluminium back plate is used to prevent some heat transfer. Different colours may be available depending on requests

The Eezi4 product is sold in 2 phases…

Firstly, the Hardware.
The basic PCB board is sold with microprocessors and other sensitive smaller components pre-
soldered as they are trickier to solder. The balance of the hardware is made-up as a ‘Kit’ and
selected by yourself through our online shop guide system. This way you can choose only the
components necessary for your specific engine/ transmission application. This system has been
developed to eliminating unnecessary costs due to unused components. For example; only buying the amount of drivers needed for the specific application you are able to cut costs. Hand soldered and some larger surface mount drivers are sold separately & would need to be installed.

Secondly, the product Software Activation
The second phase is choosing a class option specific to features and application requirements. Once selected our EEZITUNE software is purchased using purchased EEZI CREDITS. After the transaction has been cleared the software is activated using an online portal and tour Eezi4 management will be good to go.


  • Harnesses components will be sold as loose parts as well as in kits.
  • All drawings on how to build your own harness will be available on our site in the Downloads section.
  • Harness building is an expensive aspect to the management system due to intensive labor. By customizing your harness you will only add the wires that are required as well as applying the correct length minimizing wastage and therefore saving on costs.


The Eezi4 PCB board has the capability for a Map sensor to be soldered on the board therefore eliminating enclosure and cable costs.


  • The Eezi4 unit uses a USB Tuning cable for software tuning which will house the electronics in the cable.
  • This USB Tuning cable is only used during the tuning process and is also available in an assembly kit option.


  • Some components like USB Tune cable, Idle Stepper Controller, Coil Igniters etc. may be interchangeable with the Spitronics range. This will widen the hardware range to give Eezi4 more capabilities.


  • The unit can be resin filled (‘potted’) to seal it, making it a more highly durable and robust unit. This is ideal for off-road vehicles or vehicles that are exposed to a great deal of harsh conditions.
  • The drawback of this option however is that once the unit is potted you will not be able to alter or repair and hardware on the board.


  • Eezi4 has various pricing options & component capability levels on offer to ensure your ‘build it yourself Kit’ is on the level and will guarantee product performance and reliability in the field. By selecting components capable for the task, yet still inexpensive. For example; drivers for injectors or TCU solenoids don’t have to be expensive like Coil igniter drivers.
  • With our R & D teams’ vast experience of sourcing quality and affordable electrical components we have compiled a vast selection of various component options for you to make up your hardware Kit with peace of mind, knowing that affordability does not need to compromise on quality.
  • Eezi4 components are exchange rate relative & therefore prices may fluctuate accordingly with time of stock purchasing and will be adjusted in our On-line shop on a regular basis.